Questions to Ask your Concierge

Questions to ask your Concierge

Your concierge can be a terrific asset to your residents.  Many people do not realize how many areas of their life that concierge service providers can help with.  We put together a shortlist of questions to ask your concierge.   In addition to those highlighted below, we also suggest checking out the concierge section of our website, as well.  We also have some concierge video testimonials available for your review, as you learn about all of the things that concierge providers can help with.

RSIG Concierge Services Division is committed to giving our clients the highest possible level of customer service. With client personnel, visitors, vendors, residents, and guests, it seems only too obvious that your building would require its very own personal assistant. While our varying portfolio of clients has a spectrum of needs that require unique differences from every program and concierge that we provide, there are several core services that remain somewhat consistent across all of our locations.

We strongly suggest researching who you select to be the concierge service provider for your property or properties. Be sure to select providers who seek to be partners and not just vendors. The difference results in concierge staff who is hand-selected to match with the property, location, and expectation.  Furthermore, ensure that your provider has a low turnover rate.  It takes time for residents to develop trust in the front desk employees, and it is in the best interest of the property management company to meet your resident’s trust with quality staffing. RSIG Concierge, for example, is proud to share that the industry average turnover rate is over 300%, and RSIG’s is closer to 25%.  This results in long last employee placement at your property locations. The difference between results-oriented organizations and profit-driven organizations can adversely affect a property management’s reputation. RSIG is your results-oriented partner!

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