AESOP Frequently Asked Questions

https://login.frontlineplacement.com The background color should be blue, not red. You cannot Google “Aesop” as it will not bring you to the correct login page.

In most cases, it is the first letter of your first name and your full last name or your first name followed by your last name. Your administrator will assign your username.

It is the phone number that you provided for Aesop registration at your interview. If you were hired after 2012 it will be a shorter digit number which will be provided to you by your administrator.

The default is the last four digits of your numeric id/last 4 of the phone number you use for calls. You can change this once you’ve been activated.

You can change your PIN in your preferences tab online.

There are two ways:  By calling the hotline number (1-800-405-7453 24 hours/7 days a week or by logging into the Aesop website.  You cannot cancel a shift 24 hours prior to your call time without contacting your Event Manager.

Your Numeric ID and your PIN number.

  • Phone – Follow the voice number prompts if you are called or calling in
  • Web – If you are online you can press “Accept”
  • Text Message – Reply back the # on the message

After you accept a shift you should receive a confirmation number and job notification via email. You may check on the web under “Availability for the next 60 days” as well.

It can only be changed on the Aesop webpage. Go into preferences and edit your number. This is the only way you can change your outbound and mobile number.

These times can be modified. See Below on how to change the schedule.
8am-8pm by phone, 12am-11:59pm by text message.

https://login.frontlineplacment.com. Go into preferences. On the top right hand corner you will see “Phone and Text Message Schedule”.

Management has removed you from the job due to Client changes, staff reduction or the shift/event has been cancelled. It does not mean you are fired; simply you are not needed for the shift anymore.

This is telling you that you have time off that conflicts with these jobs. If you remove the time off then you will have access to those jobs. Management cannot adjust your time off.

There are several reasons, the first is there have been shifts posted but not yet released to all employees yet and/or the shifts available have been filled. For not being qualified, there is and are special qualifications that are required for this shift that prevent you from seeing it currently (examples: gender, training, uniform, your set preferences).

This means that you have entered your PIN incorrectly too many times and have locked yourself out of the system. Email your Manager to unlock your account.

Note: If this happens outside of business hours (Mon-Fri,  10am-5pm) you will have to wait till the next business day for action to be taken.

Management has flagged your account. Contact your Manager for assistance.

  • Remember to write your username and password somewhere so you do not have to regularly ask for administrator assistance. It will delay you being able to accept shifts.
  • Keep in mind also, shifts are usually posted and released 4-7 days before the event takes place. This is due to staffing approval timelines from clients.
  • If you receive a removal email or notification it generally means that the client has reduced, cancelled or otherwise made adjustments to that event. An email from management will follow such a change.