Executive Protection

Executive Protection

From rock stars to Fortune 500 executives, public figures and their families have serious security concerns. Providing discreet, low-profile protection services for international recording artists, public officials, world-class athletes, actors and other celebrities, poses unique challenges that require a level of expertise that comes only from collective years of experience and training. RSIG Security’s team of certified protection specialists has provided comprehensive executive protection and logistical support for a diverse group of high-profile clients. To date, RSIG Security has conducted strategic, effective and reliable executive protection security operations in more than fifty countries on six continents, with the highest level of discretion and confidentiality. RSIG never reveals its clients list, so high-profile clients can rest assured, knowing their identities will be protected. RSIG Security is well positioned to meet any personal protection security need, whether local, cross-country or around the world.

RSIG has extensive experience working numerous departments for asset protection. We have worked with the Department of Defense, the Secret Service, Homeland Security, Federal Bureau of Investigation, and more. We are extremely competent in coordination of multiple agencies to protect our clients.

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