Event Information and Policies

Basic Guidelines

  1. All payroll, change of address, direct deposit or other personnel inquiries must go to the Personnel Director Dawn Portrey at 508-881-3023dportrey@rsiginc.com during business hours.
  2. Business Hours are Monday-Friday 9:00am-4:00pm. Keep in mind that Management works almost every weekend so we may not always be available on a weekday. You may call outside of business hours only if it is in response to a direct inquiry or regarding an event at that time.
  3. Many times we will receive a request from a client at the last minute; not everything will be scheduled weeks out.
  4. Always leave your name and contact number at the end of every email. Always leave your name at the end of every text.

Anyone looking for a job can email CHodgman@rsiginc.com  and schedule an appointment. Please do not give out Management’s numbers to your friends and families looking for work.

Below is a brief overview of what is expected for all Staff working in the Events and Film Division of RSIG Security. All Staff are required to sign and abide by all rules and regulations stated in the RSIG Employee Handbook.

Appearance and Uniform

A pen, pad of paper, flashlight and positive attitude are always a mandatory part of your uniform. You are always to arrive on time and prepared for your shift looking professional and presentable.

Polo/Windbreaker Uniform:

When you are wearing your RSIG polo shirt you are representing the company. You must always have your shirt tucked in.  You are required to wear solid black dress pants or fitted black cargo pants.  Absolutely no jeans/denim, no sweat pants/yoga pants and no baggy pants. Black belts are suggested, making it easier to clip your radio on and maintain a professional appearance.  If you prefer to wear a shirt under your polo or jacket please wear a white or black solid color.  No dramatic artwork, logos or designs should be visible on your clothing. There is no need to accessorize your RSIG Uniform with the addition of badges, handcuffs, knives, night sticks or SWAT attire. Your shoes must be 100% black.  Wear comfortable shoes that are relevant to the event you are working. Sneakers, Sperrys, boots, dress shoes, etc.  No colored labels or colored laces. If you have an RSIG hat it must be properly worn forward. If you arrive to work out of proper uniform you will receive a verbal warning for your first offense, a written warning for your second offense and suspension or termination for your third offense. You may also be sent home from your shift for failing to arrive in proper uniform.

Professional (Suit/Tie) Uniform:

Dark suits are preferred. Please arrive with your clothes pressed. Men are required to have a suit jacket, dress shirt and tie. Women must wear a blazer or suit jacket that is the same color as their pants.  No dresses, skirts or open toe shoes. Be practical with your shoe selection, we like to keep a professional appearance but remain comfortable and able to work. You will be provided with an RSIG badge upon check in.

General Appearance:

Please keep cologne and perfume to a respectful minimum. Tattoos must be covered as much as possible, wear a solid color long sleeve shirt if necessary. Men must be well groomed; beards, goatees, mustaches, sideburns etc. must be neat and trimmed. Visible body jewelry must be removed, small studs are appropriate. Anything else must be approved by an Event Manager. Absolutely no hoop earrings or dramatic costume jewelry. Your appearance will first determine how people react to you; let’s make it positive by looking respectable and clean. Again, please refrain from any “security accessories” such as those listed above.


RSIG is required by law to give you a break for any shift over 6 hours. Legally you can take a 30 minute unpaid break/lunch or you can work through and get paid for the whole 6 hour shift. You may request restroom or quick break that will be given at the discretion of your Supervisor or Event Manager. If you need a break, you must always get permission from your Supervisor or Event Manager. If you leave your post unattended it is considered Post Abandonment which is grounds for discipline up to and including termination.

Cell Phones:

Anyone found using their cell phone on post will be removed from the event and sent home immediately. They also will have to fill out a discipline form that will go on their employee file. If you need to make a phone call or check your phone, simply ask your Supervisor for a quick break.

Post Expectations:

Please remember to always be courteous to guests, your coworkers and clients.  If you’re on post and you observe a situation, first decide what the proper response would be.  Should you involve PD, contact facilities, call EMTs? Always alert your Supervisor regardless of the situation. They will then instruct and assist you.  We expect the highest level of customer service no matter where you’re working.  Always be respectful and act in confidence.  Do not under any circumstances be confrontational. You’re there to do a specific job, do not get carried away trying to do the job of every other department as well. Management and Supervisors are here to back you up and assist you. Always ask questions if you are unsure.  You are there to provide a safe and healthy environment for guests and those around you. You will always receive post notes prior to your shift detailing exactly what is expected of you for the duration of your shift. Never leave your post unattended; at the Arena your supervisor will relieve you. If you are covering a post and you are expecting to be relieved, call a Manager if your relief is more than fifteen minutes late. All staff must arrive on time and prepared for their shift. It is both disrespectful and inconvenient for all involved when you are tardy.  You select the shifts you work and assign yourself. You should be able to plan accordingly to be on time.  If you take public transportation, take into account that the bus could break or the T could be running late.  Regardless of what the situation is, if you arrive late you will still receive a warning (verbal first offense, written second offense, suspension or termination for third offense) for tardiness. If you are going to be late, make sure you inform a Supervisor or the Event Manger you are reporting to. Do not accept a shift if you cannot handle it.  If you accept a 12-16 hour movie shift, keep in mind you could be on your feet for the entire shift exposed to the elements.  Again, you assign yourself in Aesop, so you should not be coming to us with excuses as to why you are not preforming up to our expectations. If you think you are unable to work long shifts or doubles, do not accept them.

Social Media:

Please “like” RSIG Events Division on Facebook and follow along on Twitter @RSIG_Events to stay updated on everything going on within our company. You are absolutely not allowed to be posting any pictures or status’ in regards to private information or anything bashing our clients or company.  If you want to “check in” to an event that is fine, please keep it brief and uninformative.  Most of our clients have special security systems online that alert them when their name or their event is posted anywhere on the internet.  The last thing we want is our clients receiving reports of their Security airing out private information or stating unhappy or inappropriate things in regards to the shift they are working. Social Media can be great but keep in mind everything you post can be tracked down and traced back to you.  It’s not worth losing you job or a client for a Tweet or a Facebook Status. For further information regarding Social Media please refer to the RSIG Employee Handbook 5-4.